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  S & D's Critically Acclaimed CD:

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Soulful, lively, and lyrical...
Sally and Doug offer a melodic and rhythmical blending of latin jazz and world music,
both past and present.


"Wow! What a spectacular treat it was to have Sally and Doug. Both warm and personable, as well as extremely polished - it was a spellbinding evening of relaxing Brazilian music delivered by amazingly accomplished musicians. The songs were tight and varied, and Sally and Doug shared the background of each song and translations clearly and generously, and with their great enthusiasm for the varied genres. It was a pleasure to work with them before and after, as they are consummate professionals."
(A.T. Miller, Merriefield House, "Concerts in Your Home" series, Scipio, New York February 2013 )

"I love …the interaction between Sally and Doug (on their CD, "Crimson").   Doug's a wonderful musician with a great feel for rhythm and recording chops. Sally has a lovely sense of musical theatricality on the album with a gorgeous textured voice, full of playfulness and flexibility. Great song selection, too - in short, a package of beautiful performances, beautifully and skillfully recorded."   (Arne Fogel from"Arne Fogel Presents",  nationally acclaimed 2008 inductee into the Mid America Music Hall of Fame, Minneapolis MN,  May 2013)

"I don't speak a word of Spanish or Portuguese but I felt I understood every
word Sally sang!"  (Moriah Tebor Shaw,  Ithaca NY, August 2013)

"(Dear Sally)... Thank you for sharing your gifts on the Hangar stage this weekend .... Your love for what you do is palpable. Everyone who has a chance to see you perform gains a cultural richness that cannot be described in words, save for the words: "What a Show!" Thank you for being such a generous collaborator and loving artist.
I can't wait to have you & Doug back on our stage sometime very soon."
(Stephanie Yankwitt, Artistic Director Hangar Theatre 2012-13, producer, director, casting associate in NYC, after Sally and Doug's performance in October 2012)

"In four words I can tell you everything you need to know about this CD: this is great music! The synergy of these two fine artists makes every song special. Filled with passion, surprises, and sweet sounds. Hear it for yourself".  
(Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly)

"A smooth blend of Latino and South American rhythms ...'Crimson' is light and lively. It is not hard to just close your eyes and picture yourself on a yacht sailing the Caribbean or sipping wine on a flowery veranda in Brazil."
(Jocelyn Codner, The Ithaca Times)

   Sally and Doug perform as a duo or with
an expanded lineup in "Arco Iris"